The following are the projected activities:

   a) Construction and stocking of the school library.

       We are appealing to welll wishers to support in buying textbooks and relevant learning materials to

        enable  us achieve our goals.

   b)  Acquisition of computers for the computer laboratory. 

      This will make computer classes efficient, research adn also production of quality examinations.

  c) Face-lifting of the classrooms:

     This will enhance an appealing learning environment, and stimulate the students have a sense of pride

      for their school.

  d) Launching of feeding program for the VOC:

     Remarkable number of our students who belong to the Vulnerable and Orphaned Children category

     end up lacking guaranteed meals in their house. they mostly depend on the school lunch program.

 e) Networking and lobying with interesred partners/ donor:

     This is in order to cater for the school fees of very needy students but bright in their academics and talents.

      A student require Ksh 25,000 p.a fro school fees. 

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