Young Farmers Club


Young Farmer’s Club.

Young Farmer’s club was started in the year 2009.It was invented by the school’s Principal Madam Janet Mbole with an aim of supplying vegetables like kales, tomatoes and onions to the whole school and the community(Kibera) throughout the year.

The club started to achieve its goal by planting kales (sukuma wiki) on sucks. After two months the kales were flourishing. They were ready for use.

Young farmer’s club members harvested kales and sold them to the surrounding community at affordable prices. The income was saved to be used to expand the enterprise.

The club has also helped to beautify the schools environment and make it more pleasant to live in by planting flowers.

Students at Kibera Glory Secondary School are healthy because of this club. This is because Young Farmer’s Club members normally make sure that every suck of maize and bean bought is of high quality, not infected by pest and diseases and they are not expired.

            Young Farmer’s Club is the best club in Kibera Glory Secondary School and all students are asked to join it.