Environment Club



Hygiene/Environmental Club was formed late last year (2008).It’s aim was to solve some hygiene and environmental problems in the school and outside the school.



  1. To dive in a pollution free environmental.
  2. To have a conclusive environment for better studies.
  3. To act as a roll model to the school community and its environs.




  • We managed to buy new jembes which are of great significance to our school since we are able to dig compost pits without any problem
  • We also bought spades (2) as well as a rake which have also made our work efficient.
  • We have also managed to educate other students on the importance of washing hands after visiting the toilets and this helps to improve sanitation standards.



  • One of the greatest challenges we are experiencing is lack of funds since some students take a long time to pay their registration fee.
  • Lack of co-operation from some of the members since they usually come late because they have to do manual work.
  • Lack of utensils e.g. watering containers which make us not achieve our goals.


The following are the projected activities:

   a) Construction and stocking of the school library.

       We are …

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