This is one of the oldest departments in the school involving Kiswahili and English languages. Since these are compulsory subjects, a lot of emphasis has been placed on the full coverage of the syllabus. Students have been encouraged mostly to speak English as this would aid them in other subjects and as a result there is a debate on every Tuesday involving the whole school. There is class debate and this has resulted in to improvement in the performance, these two subjects have been performed quite well every year and we are hoping for a great improvement this year. Last year the school had a mean grade of 5.3- 5.9 in both subjects.


The challenges the department goes through are

  1. That the language commonly used around this KIBERA area is “sheng” –this is a mixture of some English and Kiswahili words.
  2. The mother tongue influence is quite strong especially from students of certain


  1. Lack of reading materials whether in the class or in the library.
  2. Low self esteem among the students since they believe they are not capable of getting great results.    


Our goal is to ensure that our students become confident, fluent in both languages, excel in all subjects and act as role models to the young people in Kibera slums.