This department has the broader mandate of improving and providing holistic quality teaching and learning activities as well as encouraging the learner to outsource relevant information to enrich their learning experiences from the internet for realization of sustainable education to compete globally.

Under this department includes History, C.R.E, Geography, Business Studies and Agriculture.



  • Improving general performance in the school in humanities.
  • Facilitating information flow through the networking with external and community schools for mutual benefits of both our teachers and learners.
  • Expose our students on examination techniques though regular assessment test and revision.
  • Promote and inculcate team working spirit between teachers and students for greater good of the school.



  • We have witnessed general improvement in enrollment and performance in the humanities in the previous exams.
  • Learners have shown  co-operation through  active participation  in the classroom and outdoor activities


  • Frequent  transfers of teachers  has interfered with timely completion of the syllabus hence decline in grades.
  • Inadequate reference material  to inform  the work


We hope to do better in spite of the difficulties and challenges at the moments which tries to impede our smooth progress.