As a department science is made up of five branches Viz.

  • Physics                                      
  • Computer Science
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Agriculture
  • Mathematics

Owing to the needs for expanding production in all areas of life due to the growing population there is need to expand knowledge to the society in areas of  food  production, health, technology and many other areas that will go along way to supporting these needs.

However to achieve this we encounter challenges in imparting knowledge to the society in that knowledge is expensive and that the people to be educated must show willingness.

            To facilitate this we encourage students to partake the above subjects which will aid them much when they join the society in nation building activities later in the career studies.

Science is however an expensive career because it requires funding of experiments in which once reagents are used are never to be re-used.


It’s also a time consuming career because its concepts are not easily learned by the students.



Motivating the learners has been a surest way of improving in these careers

We have utilized the little available funds to improve and demonstrate to the learner’s experimental practices that would improve their practical knowledge and applications.


We would however be grateful for those who would assist in providing material that would assist in the learning processes by equipping the labs with scientific apparatus example, C.R.O, Electroscope, Reagents, Books etc.


The following are the projected activities:

   a) Construction and stocking of the school library.

       We are …

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